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Re: Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within (ebook) review thread

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Maybe if an ebook seller has a coupon one of these days I will get it. Did anyone find a discount on this short story?
Simon and Schuster forbids retailers from allowing discounts on their ebook titles.
Wow, as if I needed another reason to not like eBooks. I am already upset at my inability to buy them used, or sell my read eBooks like you can with hard copy. Now I can't use a coupon? I thought maybe one of the coupons Barnes and Noble emails me might work with eBooks. I just bought 4 Star Trek novels on amazon with the 4 for 3 promotion, so they came out to be about $6 a piece for a full, paperback novel. I do not want to pay $6 for a novella length eBook.

This is not an attack on CLB. I like talking to him here and I enjoy his work. I just don't think the pricing is reasonable.

I own a nook mostly for free ebooks and library e-lending. I like it OK, but I don't see much incentive for me to buy eBooks.
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