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Re: Most Anticlimactic Movie Deaths

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Why is Samuel L. Jackson's death in Deep Blue Sea considered anti-climatic. I thought it was shocking and completely unexpected. It seemed like he was the main hero of the movie and then bam! He's dead and gone. I loved it. In fact it was the best and most clever part of that turkey of a film.
I gave two definitions at the front of the post. This fits the second one: "trivial or commonplace concluding a series of significant events." The whole movie is fantasy up until the shark eats the guy, which is trivial--of course the shark eats the guy. The difference with Deep Blue Sea is exactly what you said--it was so obvious and we are so used to movies forgoing the obvious to bring us fantastic situations that when the obvious occurs we can't help but be shocked and surprised! The movie stunk, but this was by far the best moment and you absolutely nailed. Anti-climactic doesn't mean bad or boring!
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