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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Least favorite part: When Neelix and Paris get in the food fight, I would have liked to have seen some punches thrown. Also, this was too scripted. It was the standard two men fight for a woman they love, bond over some trauma, and are all great friends in the end...OR… Neelix taking the phaser in a jealous rage, and vaporizing him in the shuttle wreckage and beginning a homicidal rampage to eliminate every male member of the crew through repeated crashes of Voyager’s in-exhaustible supply shuttle crafts… well that’s just good television.
OR... Paris, in a jealous rage, taking out a phaser and vaporizing Neelix in the shuttle wreckage. I'm certain a few VOY fans will think fondly of this possibility...

NOOO not Neelix. Who would I giggle at every episode?
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