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Re: Angie Harmon wants to play She-Hulk

To be fair to CaptainCraig, he said Hollywood would not cast a 40 year old woman in the role. And I think he's right, unless some 40 year-old superstar expressed an interest in the role, it would go to a much younger woman (in the unlikely event that they ever made it).
that's what inspired this thread.

A 40year old actress... 39 year old Actress HAS expressed an interest in the character, but then Nick Cage has a standing demand to his agent that he be cast as all Superheroes.

Oh, were you just dovetailing?

What if Angie started off with some brand placement?

Maybe volunteer for a cover or two for the Avengers?

Besides She Hulk did some fine work with Howard the Duck in her time, and supposedly marvel is looking for a vehicle to get that drake off the ground.
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