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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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I'm still annoyed there was no Auberjonois/Visitor one at TGSITG. That's the shoot I'd want more than any other...
There was one. I've seen the photos. I think for anyone who asked, Nana and Rene were more than happy.
There definitely wasn't one on sale to the public - I was emailing and emailing and emailing all the way up to the week of the show asking for it! The only one I've seen was from Rene's helper who had the chance to ask as she was sat between them both days (and she reckons there was only one other person aside from her who got one). There were no posed photos at their desks either...

Such a shame that amid all the other group shots (and particularly the multiple variants of the Torchwood cast) no room could be found for a group DS9 shoot, or even just those two - cos really, what are the chances of them ever being back over here together again?

Still, I have my 'getting a hug from Chase Masterson' photo. That goes some way to making up for it...
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