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Re: Most Anticlimactic Movie Deaths

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I wouldn't have put Wash on that list. They mentioned themselves that even though nothing was gained by it, it *works* for that movie.

And I had guessed that Sam Jackson's character from Deep Blue Sea would be on that list before I read it!

As for Trek, I'd put Marcus on there, because it didn't really seem to affect anyone.
I think Wash's death worked GREAT for that movie, but we're used to deaths of main characters being grand and drawn out, last words, several minutes of air time, etc. That didn't happen with Wash. I'd say that makes it anti-climactic. But I don't want to confuse anti-climactic with irrelevant or "not good"--that was one of the more powerful deaths I've seen on screen in a long time precisely because it was anti-climactic. Just my opinion.

As for Marcus, I assume you mean David Marcus, Kirk's kid, right? Yeah, nobody cared.
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