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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

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But then I was told, "No, no, it's The Uplift War that's the really awesome one. That's where the story really hits its stride."
There is no 'the story', quite frankly. Or if there is, there hasn't been more than the odd thread in the four books I've read. It's self-contained stories that take place in the same universe where the stuff that happened in the other book has happened here too but don't worry about it kind of fiction.

Here's the problem with David Brin: he's just not that good a writer. I mean, an actual writer, on a sentence-by-sentence basis. He's not great at character development, or prose, or anything really.
Eh. I found him fine with all of that. The biggest weaknesses were more the ideas - the more one thinks about the way Galactic society is supposed to work in the books, it leaves more questions than answers.

But prose? Pacing? Teenage alien girls with vaguely defined psychic powers? That stuff's fine.

But then:
He's stuck at a sort of adolescent Star Trek: TNG level of plot and character
I really like Star Trek: The Next Generation. If I didn't, I really wouldn't be here.

Try Nova, by Samuel Delaney, or Downbelow Station, by C. J. Cherryh.
I've heard Nova's pretty good (and Delaney) and had been meaning to getting around to them at some point. Might accelerate that now, likewise give Cherryh a look-see.
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