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Re: Official E3 2012 thread

Watched too much of this.

New Tomb Raider = Uncharted: Lara Croft

All racing games = Burnout

Ubisoft presentation was cringeworthy and painful.

Is it me or our developers getting a bit less nerdy? Many seemed well groomed and dressed and even fit. Ed Boon's white canvas belt aside.

That Wii U Pro controller seemed to undercut that crazy controller. I don't think they can serve two masters here, they should commit to their madness. That said I'm still not sold on that controller.

G4 should run uncensored coverage at night, some presentations like Farcry 3 was like one long beep tone. Though the tits must have caused fits in the control room.

Sony's presentation felt a little limp, MS and Nintendo are pushing envelopes and Sony was more of the same. Of course, it remains to be seen if those ideas are half-baked but they're interesting.

Unlike some of you guys in this thread I find myself using devices during TV viewing. Whether it be surfing the web during a sitcom or hitting IMDB to look up an actor or what not so I'm curious about the smart glass stuff. I was quite surprised about the inclusion of iOS and Android devices.
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