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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x20 - "In the Stars" (part 1 of 3)

I've been very nervous that any revelations in PoN might completely ruin my stories. I think I've been lucky so far (and no, I still haven't read it yet). I definitely used aspects of RBoE and ZSG to inform my stories, and in other cases willfully ignored a couple of minor details because they did contradict what I wanted to do.

Timing-wise, this season has taken a year, as ST seasons usually do. But since I made the existing novels into two seasons (as opposed to the one year that they supposedly took in the original story) we are three years after the end of the war. That places us just at the beginning of the Time to series, one year before Nemesis, and two years before Destiny. Dax gets command of the Aventine immediately before Destiny.

And that's an interesting question about Taran'atar. To my knowledge the novels haven't come back to him except for a passing mention in ZSG, so it's definitely an open question. I did write a line for Vaughn when I was adapting Warpath, along the lines of "JemíHadar donít get weaker with age. They just get stronger, and faster, and smarter." But that doesn't rule out something interesting and unexpected happening. I was trying to play with that a little bit with the L'Haan-katra thread earlier in my season - not in physical terms but mental ones, as if to say, maybe this is just what happens when a Jem'Hadar gets as old as you, he starts to lose his mind.

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