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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

How else are you supposed to say Timecopchick but classy?

I listened to the opening credits while checking the consistency of the episode format, and I noticed something wrong with the monologue during the opening credits.

They're lying to us.

She's lying to us.

Lying to us just like exactly how the same Battlestar Galactica lied to us.

"They have a plan"

They have a plan?

Fuck you, there is no plan.

Unless we're back to Buffy vs. Glory?

"Your great evil master plan is that you want to go home?"

Episode one, we find out it's an accident and that they can't go home. Episode 2, despite making serious changes, a litter of dead bodies and leaving behind at least 2 time travellers to make yet more scrutiable changes for the next 65 years, the "terrorists" still try to quantum leap upstream anyway even though the future might be in some serious flux.

Master Braytak might have a plan, but these deushwads are just smoke and noise.

There's no way Tony is dead if his name is still being posted in the opening credits.

But I'm supposed to think that they have a plan?

Fuck you Continuum.

Methinks the voice over was copy written by a spin doctors selling a formula.


The writers room has their own agenda.

Timecopchick with depth.

Too many chefs.

Don't get me wrong.

I usually get turned on when a woman lies to me.

But I've been to this rodeo before.

And it chaffs.
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