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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

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However, I'm sure the intention was not to make this kitbash into one of Okuda's conjectural classes from the Encyclopedia; it was most likely a simple rearranging of letters and numbers from two Reliant kits, and the name was coincidental.

This may be a small point, but if you're suggesting the Bozeman was pieced together from two AMT Reliant kits, this isn't the case. It was one of several models of Reliant built for TWOK and modified by Greg Jein based on drawings by himself and Mike Okuda. Also the AMT kit was never released prior to 1995 which means it didn't exist in time to be used for a 1992 episode of TNG.

And there are quite a few more differences between it and the regular Miranda-class ships than between the Excelsior and the Enterprise-B/Lakota. I have no qualms about it being a different class.

Also, the Encyclopedia was released in 1994 so there's no way anything made prior to that was ever intended to be one of Okuda's conjectural ships. The name of both the ship and it's class are clearly stated in the episode so there's nothing conjectural about it.

Also, it's possible I'm misunderstanding which ship you're referring to...

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