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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


The teaser was excellent. We get to see more sexual tension between Kes and Paris. Then Paris professes his love for Kes to Harry Kim. Paris actually sounds like a decent fellow without the cocky arrogance that I love him for! Next we see Janeway talking to the Doctor. I love it that the Doctor has been eavesdropping! He looks so guilty when Janeway calls him out! When did Janeway’s hair become shoulder-length?? What’s with the puffed bangs?

A food fight!! What a waste of food, but great humor!! Like every good sexually-charged episode the two men fighting for the women’s love are forced together. They have to explore a planet’s possible food sources together. The Doctor points out the medical symptoms of Paris’ affection for Kes to Kes. He calls out Paris’ blushing, increased breathes, etc.

While on the mission Neelix and Paris have troubles in the shuttle craft. After they crash landed Paris showed genuine concern again! He asked if Neelix had broken bones and made him apply the medical stuff that will help their skin. Has love knocked out his swaggering superiority? I hope not; his outlandish arrogance makes me happy! We also get to see Kes angry for once; not that she stayed angry long…

Neelix and Paris have a constant pissing match. One rudely infers something about the other, then the other, etc, etc. Back on the ship the bridge crew is trying to find a way to get Neelix and Paris back on board. In the cave Neelix and Paris momentarily stop arguing because they find an egg that hatches with a baby “bird” in it. The “bird creature” is so cute. It kind of looks like an owl mixed with a hawk and cross-bred with a dragon! Paris and Neelix get it together and start acting like crew members in an attempt to save the creatures life. It turns out the air vapor is filled with nutrients which the creature needs to survive and it is also what the ship was picking up as a possible food source. They almost lose the bird, but in the end they save the bird and become friends after the bonding experience. Neelix asks Paris to forgive him for not giving him a chance and Paris admits that he likes Kes, but assures Neelix that he will not act on it. Paris gives Neelix this speech about how he wants to continue to improve as a person, especially since they are stranded across the universe. They come to an understanding and then they are saved by the ship. Oh, and they save the “bird”. When they get back to the ship, Neelix and Paris leave the episode with Kes talking like they have always been best friends.

Favorite part: Uhhhh….The bird creature was kind of cute.

Least favorite part: When Neelix and Paris get in the food fight, I would have liked to have seen some punches thrown. Also, this was too scripted. It was the standard two men fight for a woman they love, bond over some trauma, and are all great friends in the end...OR… Neelix taking the phaser in a jealous rage, and vaporizing him in the shuttle wreckage and beginning a homicidal rampage to eliminate every male member of the crew through repeated crashes of Voyager’s in-exhaustible supply shuttle crafts… well that’s just good television.
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