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Re: new canon vs novelverse: worst case scenario

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See, this is the kind of misapprehension that comes up when you mistake the word "canon" for the concept of "what is real/acceptable." That's just not what it means. Canon is not about telling the fans what to accept.
I have always used the term "personal canon" to refer to what I think is "real" in various genre universes. And I know many others who do as well. So please stop being so pedantic and trying to tell other people what they are trying to say.

Thank you.
Then allow me to be pedantic as well... your use of the word "canon" (as well as that usage by the "many other" people you know) in the context that you are using it is wrong. "Canon" is a word with with a definite definition and meaning. Your personal opinions do not now, nor will they ever, have anything to do with "canon". Ever. Period.

Thank you.

ETA: For the record, I once got into this exact same argument/discussion with KRAD, and I was as wrong then as you are now.
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