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Re: Revisiting the films...

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The costs from previous aborted productions certainly contributed to the immense cost of the production, but by many accounts Roddenberry was a rather lousy producer on the movie (partly as a result, no doubt, of his constant re-writing of the ever-changing script) often absent when he was needed.
I'm not aware of these absences, but the script was THE problem. Roddenberry's meddling aside, the fact that Paramount announced and locked in the date of a feature film with a name director before the script problems had been licked was a serious misstep, even if I understand it from a cost perspective (sets already built, soundstages occupied, etc., so the thing was costing them money every day they weren't shooting).

Re Regula I, yes it was the TMP Space Office complex, flipped over with the top and some of the office pods removed, and a put extra details (like the observatory dome) tacked on.
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