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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Here, he's a fucking moron and doesn't merit an ounce of sympathy.
Ultimately, he's a fucking moron in both versions. In the books, he married some girl because he slept with her, completely ignoring the fact that he swore an oath and Frey men fought for him - and forsaking your oaths is not a very honorable thing to do IMO. Just dumb stuff a teenager might do.
In the book he was despondent when his brothers were seemingly killed and slept with a girl. Having already done that, he felt he had no other choice but to marry her, since he's taken her virginity.

In the show it's Robb quite consciously choosing to break his oath for no reason at all other than he feels like it.
I agree with your views on it. In the books Robb is at this time what 16 years old? Being King of the North with his Father dead... He leads an attack on the Westerling's keep and takes an arrow during it. Jeyne is the oldest daughter of the noble household and she nurses him and tends to his injury. While he's there he receives word that Bran and Rickon are dead. Jeyne comforts him, they sleep together and he marries her the very next door because of feeling he had dishonored her.

He attacked her home, captured it, she nurses him from injury he sustained while attacking her home... He then takes her virginity in her own home (not that she was resisting). But the circumstances are more understandable than what the tv show did.

They give him a foreign woman who comes across as being around the bend 'once or twice'.
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