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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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It might have been different if the series had spent more time portraying Rush as something other than self-important dooshbag (or if Young was stranding/executing people at random).
That was just really heavy handed authorial bias to generate artificial conflict. If you look at the show objectively, Rush is the single most competent and effective member of the Destiny crew. Hell, the only times things go wrong for him is when somebody does something stupid (Franklin using the chair five seconds after they decided to keep researching it, Amanda Perry not clearing the memory on that console she used), authorial fiat (the shuttle crashing in Awakening for no fucking reason), and Colonel Young is involved (getting caught framing Young due to the hidden Kinos, telling Young that he is a shitty commander to his face, getting stuck with Young on that Ursini ship).
It was Rush who gave up opn getting the lime for the oxygen regneraters and I didn't see Rush voluntineering to help get the ice to replacce their water supply. And Rush refused to sit in the chair, which is why Franklin did it. Rush also kept the discovery of the bridge to himself and I can't recall anytime when Rush was actively trying to get the others back to earth. Even when he gave up his water in Air he then attacked Greer for water ration when he refused to give it to Rush, then he ordered Greer to shoot Brody to keep him from leaving the planet.
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