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Re: new canon vs novelverse: worst case scenario

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All true, but with Spock Prime actually IN the JJverse, does that mean that not much can be done with him ? There are unresolved questions such as what happens with his relationship with Saavik and do they have children ? What happens with the reunification movement ? These are things that could just conceivably be mentioned in any further appearances in the films.
We're not talking novels here. Neither a new movie in the prime universe, nor a commercially-viable new "Star Trek" TV series, is not going to be concerned about including Spock - not just because "not much can be done with him", but because the original actor is over 80 years old, and has several times announced his retirement from acting. It won't ponder his marriage to Saavik, either, because that happened in a licensed tie-in novel read by less than 1% of the potential viewing audience.

A projected TV series - one that time-jumps a few decades beyond "Nemesis" and "Voyager" may need to only mention that Romulans once lost their home planet. Considering they were already exiled from Vulcan before losing Romulus as well, it probably makes then just angrier, but in lesser numbers. Or reunified. New political alignments will be shown.

A new ST series could get away with not mentioning Spock and Nero at all.
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