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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Rarewolf wrote: View Post
AFAIK with Frakes its just that he isn't mentioned on the latest flyers. Might just be an oversight.

If not its pretty damning to have him still on the site; they can't say they didn't know, since their own print would say otherwise!
You can't seriously expect anything else? This could explain the lack of the very obvious Frakes/Dennehy photoshoot being advertised.. . .No, that's just giving Joiner far too much credit. He'd want the money. Anyway, he seems to know so little about Star Trek, I doubt he even knows Frakes and Dennehy starred together in TBOBW.

I hope the quality of the guest announcements improve pretty quickly. At these ticket prices, I'm fully expecting James Darren and a band doing a gig in a full recreation of Vic's Lounge.
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