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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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My money's on Frakes since it looks like he might've cancelled LFCC.
Seriously? Great now LFCC is going to be a massive waste of money. Already lost Tim Russ...

Also it doesn't help with it being in london, if it was in birmingham in the middle of the country that would make way more sense.
AFAIK with Frakes its just that he isn't mentioned on the latest flyers. Might just be an oversight.

If not its pretty damning to have him still on the site; they can't say they didn't know, since their own print would say otherwise!

As for London it is the logical choice.

A) easier to attract foreign visitors, more flight options
B) a lot of fans in London are less keen to travel to events outside their precious M25.
C) Whilst geographically the midlands are central, London is the central hub of all public transport. Its fine when you are on the same side of London as the event, but otherwise the journey often requires crossing London anyway!

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Except a 35 Jeri Ryan photoshoot ticket I bought back in Jan, before she was announced for Peterborough...
She was announced for Peterborough first, its just it wasn't as well promoted at the time.
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