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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

Which, chronologically speaking, shouldn't be the class ship for the Starfleet Antares class, if only because her sister ship the Yorkshire was NCC-330.
...Assuming the two really were of the same class. Perhaps they sported different modules, making all the difference, considering how little we saw of the Yorkshire?

Personally, I will ignore both registries, not only because they conflict with more interesting fanon ones, but also because giving NCC numbers to drones like that will deplete the stock far too quickly. TAS had the right idea in adding prefix letters; both Antares and Yorkshire might get a G, although the former might also have an F.

Do you own a copy too?
Alas, no.

Since our single datapoint on a Starfleet Antares class is so vague (being TNG era and five-digit, it's even beyond the reach of speculation on sequential, "batch" registries being in use in the TOS and TFS eras), I wouldn't sweat it much. Having it be a Miranda batch is fine with me - although since the datapoint comes from a TNG era computer readout and we have zero evidence of "subclass" names from that era, as opposed to lots of fanon and some canon evidence from the TFS era, her being Antares IMHO still means her not being Miranda.

Also, don't forget the once-semi-canonical/official Jeri Taylor novel Pathways, where she makes Chakotay's raider Antares class...
Umm, I will, sorry.

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