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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

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We have this NCC-501...from TOS-R....
Which, chronologically speaking, shouldn't be the class ship for the Starfleet Antares class, if only because her sister ship the Yorkshire was NCC-330.

...and then the Constellation follows both at NCC-2514.
This is from The Next Generation Officer's Manual, the closest FASA ever got to a TNG technical manual before they lost their license to make Trek RPGs. I own a copy, and while a lot of their ship diagrams (especially the Constellation Class) are wildly inaccurate, it's an interesting book nonetheless. Do you own a copy too?

The problem lies in inserting an actual "Antares class" in there: none of the starships mentioned above should be considered the class ship...and choosing the last Antares in that collection for the class ship doesn't work out, either, as it's a stock Miranda with minimal changes: for the 24th century at least, minimal changes shouldn't result in a separate class designation.
Well, here's two facts: One, there's not a lot of numerical difference between the Antares NCC-9844 and the Antares class Hermes NCC-10376, and two, there is a precedence where two ships of very close design are in fact two separate classes: the Miranda and the Soyuz (and the Antares is from that family apparently). Of course, the exact opposite could be said of the Excelsior and the Enterprise-B, which are the same class...

However, I'm sure the intention was not to make this kitbash into one of Okuda's conjectural classes from the Encyclopedia; it was most likely a simple rearranging of letters and numbers from two Reliant kits, and the name was coincidental.

Also, don't forget the once-semi-canonical/official Jeri Taylor novel Pathways, where she makes Chakotay's raider Antares class...but at this point that book is pretty much out of the running for various reasons.
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