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Re: The Dominion War brought out the worst in Starfleet

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Yes, let's bring some numbers into the discussion.
1 An Lushan revolt (8th) - 429.000.000 dead
Lushan rebellian took place over the course of eight years. The population of the entire Earth at that time was approximately 210 million. So you're saying that the rebellion claimed the life's of over twice the then population of the Earth?

Earth's population in this time period was around 190 million.

Earth's population at this time was around 360 to 400 million. The Mongols killed 68% of the planetary population ... really?

8 Atlantic slave trade (15th-19th) - 83.000.000 dead
10 million is closer to the truth.

7 Annihilation of the American Indians (15th-19th) - 92.000.000 dead
Estimates of the native population of the North America continent, prior to the arrival of Columbus, max out at 8 million. Most estimates are much lower.

Yes Edit XYZ, why don't we bring in some numbers?

Mongols and Jem'Hadar?
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