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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

The second episode was rather meh. Kiera's cover is blown, and she escapes, makes it back to her hotel room, despite the fact that the police should be checking this out now that they have reason to investigate her. But all's good in the end because Alec hacked into government files and made her look like some sort of special agent. Even though, logically speaking this should also come back and bite them in the ass, I'm going to assume for now on the issue of her identity will be conveniently swept under the rug.

Just how long can Alec keep helping her, anyway? Carlos's love interest is already starting to notice him, and I'm sure his family isn't going to tolerlate his constant absence forever. Oh whatever, we know everything works out for him in the end anyway.

And I guess each week one of the terrorists is going to be removed from the group. I guess the guy that was electrocuted last week is actually dead (he wasn't there this week) and now we have that guy leave the group and set himself up with a lot of money. But since there's been a bank robbery recentally in the area, shouldn't the bank employee have been more than a little suspicious of someone dropping off that much money? Shouldn't he have contacted the police, who would then either recognize him, or Kiera would have, and end of story? But no, instead the guy goes and plays creepy stalker outside the house he presumably grew up in.

Of course, what frequently pops up in time travel stories, the person from the future can't figure out how to drive a car. Though interestingly enough after that rough start, Kiera has no trouble afterwards. I guess we don't want to bog the story down with too much logic.

I noticed Tony Amendola was listed in the credits. Why? While I guess it's possible the speculation that he ended up at another time mihgt turn out to be true, doesn't haveing him listed at the beginning of each episode kind of ruin whatever surprise they might be trying to build? And regardless, he wasn't even in this episode.

While, I've certainly watched worse shows on television, Continuum has a long way to go before I'll call it a good show.
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