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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Only bad thing I can say is that it was cold as hell, especially on the Saturday.
I think it's become accepted amongst quite a few long term attendees that the enviromental conditions in that awful stadium are having an adverse effect on guest availability. Sticking a 90 yr old guest out in the cold and then having everyone see him get carted off to hospital, isn't the best publicity.

Back on topic, it seems that Media 10 have slightly lessened the "history" of having all 5 Trek TV Captains on stage at the same time, since they were all on stage at Wizard Con in Philly at the weekend! Oh dear, and this was all going soooooo well.

Website says 10 guest announcements from today until the end of the week. My money's on Frakes since it looks like he might've cancelled LFCC.
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