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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just finished the novel. Fantastic read! I do have some thoughts:

I do not believe DS9 will be destroyed, but if it is, I would be okay with it. Sometimes, we all need to move on from things we love the most - a common theme throughout the entire book (Sisko separating from Kassidy and Rebecca, Tenmei and Vaughn, Cenn Desca slowly getting over the Occupation, Worf's diminished racism towards the Romulan, etc...). It's a different Star Trek world and I'm fine with...not everything can be the same and not every character should stay the same but rather evolve...

I did feel slightly bad for Georid but DRG3 provided a logical explanation. I liked Indistinguishable from Magic but I wasn't crazy about LaForge's promotion without never going through the command track. Makes sense to gain the experience he needs as second office of the Enterprise before eventually becoming the captain of his own ship.

My prediction: I think DS9 survives, Sela, Tomolak, and the Breen will eventually be busted, and at the end of the Raise the Dawn we'll see a station in the Gamma Quadrant.

I haven't looked at the cover for Raise the Dawn very closely but I didn't notice any Federation/Starfleet markings on it. Perhaps after everything is cleared up between the Pact and the Accords, they'll build a station in the Gamma Quadrant in an effort to expand their join exploration...
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