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Re: One-year countdown thread!

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For whatever it's worth (not much), they were actually filming for the new Star Trek movie at my work place. We've got some buildings full of super-techy looking processes. I assume they just want the back drop.

Kind of cool, though.
Would your workplace happen to be the Lawrence Livermore Lab? We did hear about filming there, though I don't think any details beyond the fact that filming occurred (unless one counts a few pics of Pegg, Pine and Cumberbatch stopping off at Hooters on the way back to their hotel in SF.)

They were filming at the National Ignition Facility. That's basically a couple football fields worth of big banks of modular looking stuff used for generating 192 lasers that feed into a huge sphere jokingly called the Death Star (it's ten meters in diameter). They're trying to achieve fusion.

Don't know what the script needs it for, but I can imagine a lot of things that would look cool when compressed or taken from the right angle. Lots of visual possibilities. Lots of activity when they were there, too, with obviously places screened and roped off.
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