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Re: Revisiting the films...

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"That dinner was awful!" is an opinion. "That movie was awful!" is an opinion. It's standard colloquial language, and it's ridiculous to have to preface that with "In my opinion" when that's not the standard usage.

Proceed, Warped9.
Yeah, I'm pretty quick to take the bait when people bash the new movie, but I thought it was clear that Warped9 was just expressing his own personal opinion--in a thread about his own rewatch of the movies. Fair enough.

(What pushes my buttons is when people insist that they're speaking for all "real" Trekkies, or all Trekkies of a certain generation, which is not at all what Warped9 was doing here.)

And if I stand up for Star Trek IV, and insist that it "is" one of the best and most entertaining films in the series, that's just my opinion, too.
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