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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

This weekend estimates:

1. Snow White $56.2m
2. MIB 3: $29.3m (-46% from last week.)
3. Avengers: $20m (-45%)
4. Battleship: $4.8m (-57%)
5. The Dictator: $4.7m (-49%)

The Avengers sits at #3 in all time Domestic grosses under Avatar and Titanic at $552.7 million. Titanic sits at $658m. I'd think the likelihood of Avengers overtaking Titanic is slim, it'd have to make anoiher $100m during it's run in the theaters which I'm not sure it'll keep the momentum to do.

All Time World Wide, The Avengers sits at #3 with $1.3 billion under Titanic's $2.2 billion and Avatar's $2.8 billion. I'd say The Avengers has pretty much no chance to overtake Titanic here. (Granted, Titanic is helped with a re-release (two, actually, it had a re-release between initially leaving theaters and release on home video (including a 3D version) and Avatar is helped by 3D showings. (Which, yeah, Avengers has but Avatar was one of those that "must be seen" in 3D, this is mostly not the case with Avengers.)
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