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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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And in the pantheon of crappy Bleacher Report articles, we have a new king:

I'm pretty sure this dude doesn't know what "overrated" means or he's trolling for comments because a large majority of his list aren't overrated at all.
I think his idea of "overrated" comes from what a lot of the more "IWC" fans have been going on about these past couple of years. Granted, the writer of that article probably visits the typical IWC forums and websites more often than any others, so his perspective is restricted to those names.

In the spirit of things, let's have a go at it (ten is too much IMO, so I'll do five), in no particular order:

- Sin Cara (everyone should know what I mean)

- John Cena (he's the top guy in the company and receives a tremendous amount of hype despite being a pretty average performer at his core)

- The Rock (he comes back for two matches and a handful of appearances yet recieves more attention and preferential treatment than 90% of the WWE roster!)

- Chris Jericho (he came back to great fanfare, excitement and the potential for so many feuds, great matches and the promise of doing something "never seen before" and then he... did the same thing again with a new jacket)

- Alberto Del Rio (anyone who says that he hasn't struggled is having a laugh, Del Rio bombed as WWE Champion (twice!) and was rushed into the main event scene before being ready)
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