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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x20 - "In the Stars" (part 1 of 3)

Finished Plagues of Night and I must say it is easily my favorite Typhon Pact book. It did a great job smoothing over some of the weaker points of Zero Sum Game and Rough Beasts of Empire. Making Sarina Douglas seem less "BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" evil that she seemed at the end of the first novel, and making Sisko's actions seem more justified.

Plus, nothing in it contradicted the great work being done here. Frustratingly, there were no flashbacks or huge revelations of the past, just more throwaway lines that could easily have multiple stories based around.

Etana and Richter are still around, so it was a good call to make her interaction with S31 a minor one, since she seems to still be in good standing working for Bashir. The kidnapping of Rebeca storyline looks like it will be a big deal, that should be cool.

Back to this set of stories. I feel sorry for Dr. Tarses, with Bashir coming back. What is the date now? How long until he gets his gig on Aventine?

And off top with most things, I've wondered. At this point, Taran'atar is far and away the oldest of Jem'hadar. Has any thought of aging difficulties been given? He is basically superhuman at this point, but I'm sure the Founders spent all their time engineering their soldiers to grow fast and be lethal, without much care to longevity. Burn bright and burn fast, and all that. I wonder what stories are possible now that he has his full freedom and mental facilities, but that his body his beginning to fail him. No longer being faster and stronger than everyone else?

In any case, as always, cannot wait until the next episode.
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