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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

#10 is what we've been discussing. Didn't the companies used to have "try-out" books? Using DC Presents as a means to introduce creators and concepts would be a great idea.

#9, I disagree with. I don't think anything would be gained at this point from another Crisis. I know we'll see one eventually, but for now, I'm content to let this universe grow on its own. I do agree we need to see more parallel Earths. Tie this with the DC Presents idea...let's have that book focus on various Earths as well.

#8, why not use Stormwatch as the rival group? We've already seen a confrontation between the League and J'onn. Members of Stormwatch have already hinted they are not fond of the League. The seeds are there.

#6, QR codes would a great way to do "Who's Who." Or maybe add in incentives for digital copies by including "Who's Who" pages.
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