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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

I'm a paid up fanboy fan of Alien and even moreso Aliens - and I'm old enough to have seen both at the cinema. This was a must see for me - here's a few thoughts :

The trailers gave away way too much. Why spoiler your own movie that way ?

Noomi Rapace just isn't strong enough to carry the film. I do like her, but Sigourney she aint...

The 'it's not an Alien prequel' thing is pure crud - it's FULL of nods, pointers and foreshadowing in an obvious box-ticking way. Look, here's an Alien touchpoint...

It lacks imagination, slavishly mirroring the set up and structure of Alien, even with the synthetic and ending up in an escape pod.

The characters are unforgivably stupid - all of them.

Even without the spoiler-trailers, it's just SO predictable.

Seeing the last scene all the way through was just too obvious - a glimpse would have been preferable. Less is more...

Scott's not as good as he thinks he is - Alien's just an excellent monster movie and Blade Runner, good as it is, is still a bit over-rated. Prometheus proves it...

Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed it (ANY return to that universe has my ticket money, no questions) and the 3D was OK (I generally disapprove of it). It certainly wasn't awful - I didn't come out of the cinema holding my head and wailing 'Why ?' like I did at Alien 3. I'll go and see the next two (it's part of a prequel trilogy, which worked for George didn't it ?) and against possibly unrealistic expectations I'd give it the benefit of the doubt and 7/10.

Should've been 11/10 though...

PS. I'll just bet Guy Pearces character is in the next film as a younger 'synthetic' copy.
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