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Re: new canon vs novelverse: worst case scenario

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^Again, the word "canon" does not mean "real" or "right" or "what I accept as true." It just means the core body of work.

Where in my latest posts do you see me disagreeing with you?! I know that George Lucas can change what's canon every second Tuesday that he decides to tinker with the same damn movie I watched in a theatre almost 35 years ago. All those different versions of Star Wars are canon, along with the rest of the franchise. George Lucas gets to pick which one is "official." But I get to pick which one I prefer to watch, and that one is the original, unsullied, Han-shot-first. My preference doesn't mean I don't grant Lucas the right to define what is official or that I'm saying he can't make a million bits of Star Wars canonical material besides what small part of it I'm familiar with. It just means I don't have to like it.

In the same way, "Threshold"'s treatment of transwarp and Star Trek V's treatment of the ease of travel to the galactic center have been ignored by all subsequent canon.
My loathing for "Threshold" has little to do with the transwarp crap (except that Tom should have been instantly everywhere in the universe, including Earth) - it has to do with how stomach-turning that episode is, and how overall scientifically illiterate they must have thought the audience to be.

As for Star Trek V... Even if the ship had made it to the galactic center, it should have been gobbled up by the black hole that real-world astronomers say is there. Again, the movie-makers think the audience is made up of morons. I'm glad these are no longer considered official, since they offend me in so many ways.

Canon is not a completely consistent thing. It just pretends to be, even while it tweaks and reinterprets and retcons itself along the way. Which is why it's such a fundamental mistake of vocabulary to use "canon" to mean "real." It's not the value judgment or the benchmark of consistency that fans mistake it for.
Just ask any dedicated soap opera fan about canon and retcons. I watched One Life to Live for many years, and still watch General Hospital. Star Trek's twisting of all things canonical and official, etc. is nothing in many ways, compared to the soap genre, when it comes to making changes that the audience is supposed to ignore as not making any sense, supposedly for the sake of a "good story."

Christopher wrote: View Post
(I'm not counting alternative prose continuities like the Shatnerverse and Crucible, because those weren't overtly alternate realities, just alternate story directions, and they were still consistent with canon, unlike the possibility we're considering here.)
I've read the McCoy book of the Crucible trilogy, and found it to be a fantastic "what if City on the Edge of Forever had ended differently" story. But then "City" is my favorite Star Trek episode of all of them, no matter which series we're talking about. I haven't read any of the "Shatnerverse" stuff, but doesn't it start off with Kirk getting un-killed/revived from his grave at the end of the "Generations" movie? How is Kirk being alive again consistent with anything?

Guys, please take note of my location: "In many different universes, simultaneously." I can "multithink" from universe to universe (or "continuity to continuity" if that's the term Christopher prefers) at will, as I partake of various Star Trek series, novels, short stories, and fanfic. All I ask is that the stories make sense, entertain me, and don't wildly contradict something that was established long ago, thus forcing a retcon of soap operaic proportions. Don't assume the audience is scientifically illiterate. And don't be lazy about details. It's one thing to change a detail because it's vital to the story. But changing it because you just didn't bother to check? Lazy, and insulting to the audience. That's what the soap writers do, and it's what far too many "professional" writers do as well (this isn't directed at Christopher, btw, so don't anyone jump on me for these comments).
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