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Re: When is DC's The New 52 going to revert back to the original unive

At best, and this is a long-shot, they'd somehow find a way to integrate what worked pre-"New 52" with what's worked in the "New 52." As others pointed out, they're not going to revert back with Wonder Woman anytime soon. Really, all the Batman and Green Lantern titles need is allowing the creators to extend the characters timelines back further than 5 years and some minor tweaks to fix problems that occurred in the characters histories (such as the issues with the Robins and the fate of Alex DeWitt for Kyle Raynor that Newsarama recently pointed out). Superman is arguably in a better place now than in years and certainly in a much better place than his recent "Walk Across America" which was almost universally panned.

Honestly, I see more good in the "New-52" than bad. I say this as a fan of the Justice Society being on "our" earth and the legacy aspect DC ran with for decades. I was also a bigger fan of the pre-"New-52" Firestorms and Blue Beetles than of their current versions. Despite all of this, going back would be a mistake. I personally think Wonder Woman and Superman were at best boring and at worst horrible for most of 2010-2011. I was not a fan of "New Krypton," either. I also wasn't a fan of the Justice League since, well the early 2000's when Waid wrote it. I dropped Justice Society a few issues after Willingham and Sturges took over. I'm not a fan of Justice League or Earth 2, but I will concede they are better stories than what was being told before. And while, again Firestorm and Blue Beetle are disappointments for me, it's not as if either had an on-going title that was well written right before Flashpoint, either. Dwayne McDuffie wrote a decent 3-parter to end the series, but really, it was early 2007 when Stuart Moore left Firestorm and mid 2008 when John Rogers left Blue Beetle (as with JSA, I wasn't a big fan of Matt Sturges on this title, either) when I last was in love with how these characters were written.
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