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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

In reference to all the Ryback stuff going on recently,

It got me thinking about some dirt that an ex-WWE creative team member (John Piermarini) dished out last year about some of the opinions backstage. One of them was that Vince McMahon felt that Skip Sheffield (now Ryback) could be "the guy". Fast forward around 18 months and Ryback is suddenly recieving a push where he even gets to have his squash matches during PPV's - which isn't exactly normal practise (thus recieving a PPV bonus and air time for doing jack shit).

It seems WWE doesn't actually get that they can't re-write history and do the Goldberg thing, as the continued characterisation of Ryback as Goldberg demonstrates despite the audience immediately picking up on the resemblances and loudly chanting "Goldberg". It's pretty ludicrous, but if Piermarini is to believed then Vince feels that Ryback is worthy of being a main eventer and therefore a lazy suggestion such as "hey, let's have him squash his way to the top like Goldberg did, after all it's been more than seven years..." from a creative team member would probably provide Vince with the reassurances that his vision of a "Ryback era" could be a reality.

I'm not a fan of Wrestlezone, but this was the first complete set of John Piermarini "leaks" that I came across for those of you who are interested in checking them out.
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