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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

If they take the approach of constant minor adjustments being made, then, yeah, Legion can work (there have been multiple attempts to do just this), but then, every few years, writers decide they're going to explain everything and the more they explain it, the worse it gets. It does get to be a headache when back in the late 90's, they had to explain why Superman met pre-Zero Hour Cos, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl, when some of the post-Zero Hour Legion had been stranded in the past and had met Superman for the first time. While it was an interesting and creative dodge (The Time Trapper was messing with time to teach the Legion a lesson they would need to defeat the Dark Circle, and therefor had brought back the pre-Zero Hour Legion temporarily, which just so happened to coincide with Superman bouncing into the 30th century at one point in his career), it could have been fixed with a smile/wink/and nod that the same scene had happened differently than we saw it, with the "current" Legionnaires taking the place of their previous incarnations.

I agree with your comments about creators. While I am happy with the output by Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder, and Jeff Lemire, (and, to a lesser extent, Grant Morrison on Action), I just can't get excited about titles written by Dan Jurgens (as I've gone into detail earlier in this thread about) or Rob Liefeld, to name two creators off the bat ("bat," not "Bat," but I guess you can add Tony Daniel to that list).

I've had differing opinions of Gail Simone (her Villains United/Secret Six runs are pure brilliance, but I was bored by her "Brightest Day" Birds of Prey and her earlier run on Action Comics), but I was excited about a year ago when DC announced Brian Clevinger on Firestorm. I haven't read Atomic Robo, I've seen scans on various websites, enough to tell it's well written and interesting (someday, when I'm finally done with collecting Sandman and Starman TPBs, I might start collecting Atomic Robo, but I digress). Hearing he was dropped and it would be Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver was a bit disappointing. Firestorm has been one of my favorite "B"-level characters (okay, maybe "C"-level) and I thought Stuart Moore did a great job recently, I wouldn't have been sad if they tapped him, again. Firestorm has been one of the titles I've had a hard time getting up enthusiasm for and it's the title closest to the chopping block for me (I've practically done that, since my comic shop doesn't seem to have the last two-three issues in stock and I haven't immediately jumped onto the internet to correct that).

I started buying Teen Titans for my son, and found some interesting parts, but Scott Lobdell has not really helped hook me. Howard Mackie isn't going to get me interested in that corner of the DCU, either.
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