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Re: Revisiting the films...

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^^^The Klingon theme in the end titles? That happened in STV but it's not in TMP.
Really? I know it's in TFF, but I could have sworn it was also in TMP. I'll have to check again because I didn't listen to the closing credits this time around after the film was over.

The soundtrack was one of the things I liked in TFF, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Another thing I liked about TMP and something that still resonates. It ended on a hopeful note: Star Trek was back and set for new adventures...

Hmm, we had no idea what was coming...

I came across Run Silent, Run Deep several years ago when I caught it on TCM. I had heard something of the film and decided to check it out. I thought it was a wonderful film and yet almost right off I could see the parallels with ST-TMP. I couldn't stop thinking about the conflict between Lancaster and Gable and how it was exactly the kind of thing needed in TMP.

I do have another reservation about TMP and thats the casting of Stephen Collins. I simply thought he was a wet blanket with no screen presence. He isn't horrible, but he's just there. Instead of having some measure of conviction he seemed more like, "Wah! You took my ship away! Wahhh!" Of course he could only work with what he was given. It also didn't helped to be photographed in that silly one-piece uniform. I don't mind the TMP uniforms in general, but the one-piece outfit was lousy.

What the film does illustrate is that if Decker had been in command it would have been game over. Kirk's instincts were in form and he knew when to push forward and when to stand pat. Decker was so over cautious he was near paralyzed. Decker would have still been considering his next move after Vger had already sterilized the Earth.

Decker represents an idea Roddenberry referenced in his novelization of the film: the emergence of a new humanity that felt somewhat apart from the "throwbacks" of Starfleet. The new humans were supposedly more evolved intellectually and spiritually(?) then the old-fashioned humans, many of whom felt more at home in Starfleet. Roddenberry's idea was that many of the new humans made lousy Starfleet officers because they were too easily swayed by "higher" forms of life with supposedly higher levels of consciousness. Oldstyle humanity (as represented by Kirk and crew) proved themselves better suited for encountering the unknown since they tended to have a stronger sense of self, a stronger sense of identity and not so easily swayed by new ideas. Older humans were more skeptical.

Maybe it was just New Age babble of the time, but it had an interesting ring to it. The new humans apparently weren't comfortable with some of the military aspects of Starfleet. In some ways this idea seems to have been raised again in early TNG as evidenced by Picard initially being quite hesitant to appear the least provocative with other life forms.
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