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Re: Revisiting the films...

One thing I neglected to comment on: the soundtrack.

Today it's somewhat odd to hear the TMP opening theme because it's so associated with TNG. Nonetheless this is an amazing soundtrack with very evocative music. My favourite version is actually the ending credits where you get not only the main theme, but also the Ilia theme as well as the Klingon theme all mixed into one.

Within the film I like the sequence when the Enterprise is launched more than the sequence where the refit design is revealed.

The Klingon theme is spot on and the Vulcan music is nicely eerie.

The music nicely enhances the early scene where we catch our first sight of Admiral Kirk arriving at Starfleet Headquarters. I remember how in 1979 the theatre erupted in thunderous applause and cheering when Kirk emerged from the shuttle. Kirk was back.

And the music was all you could hear in a dead silent theatre as everyone was awestruck seeing the refit Enterprise revealed on the big screen. Variations of "Holy shit!" wound their way throughout the room.
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