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Re: new canon vs novelverse: worst case scenario

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If the Michael Dorn movie does get made it will probably be as embarrassing as that steaming pile of turd known as that 'Of Gods And Men'
That supposed-fanfilm was rather embarrassing, full of fanwankery coincidences and a few strange performances and script choices, although it has certainly its fans. I much prefer the two "Starship Exeter" eps (even though the second one is yet to release its final segment), and the ever-improving "New Voyages"/"Phase II".

Any Captain Worf project, official or fanmade, has as much chance of being good as being "embarrassing". So much depends on script quality, budget, time, acting performances, directorial skills, etc. The concept is just one element; Dorn's pitch of a closer-focus on a small ship's crew is probably sensible. (But nothing new; remember there were strong rumours of the other pitch made at the time of the "Enterprise" pitch: Captain Nog on a small Starfleet ship, chasing Section 31.)

Of course, there are no savings to be made re costuming and sets on any new project, because Paramount sold everything in the Christie's and It's a Wrap! auctions. That budget-savings component was what made a "Captain Sulu" series slightly more viable in the early 90s.
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