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Is it generally a given that Burton's two films and Shoe-mockers (doesn't deserve the effort to spell it right) are sort of in the same continuity?

Batman was huge when it came out for me, in 1989. I has a paper route and channeled all of my loot into those collectible movie cards, the action figures, and the awesome Batmobile with the shitty plastic bubble defense shields. The cards make the movie seem exciting, though I do agree with the OP... the movie seems very small and slow moving compared to today's standards.

In some ways, the sequel Batman Returns was a bit more polished. Catwoman (MP) stole the show. Every scene she was in was purr-fect. I wonder how The Devil Wears Prada will compare to her?

It's interesting to see all the comments in this thread so far. Reflecting on it I guess I'd agree that Burton didn't understand the Batman character well enough and that the original 1989 film missed the mark on some Batman fundamentals.... I guess the Prince soundtrack sort of makes up for it (?)
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