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1989 and style

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1989's "Batman" is all about style over substance and yeah, it hasn't aged so well.
Disclaimer: I've not read Batman comic books or watched any of the Batman animated TV series. I watched the 1960s live-action TV show reruns while growing up.
I think I saw it in 1989 or on video in 1990. It was dark but then they hired Tim Burton who directed Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and Beetlejuice as only two feature films up until that point. Both of those films were full of style.
It's been years since I've seen most of the film but yes the Batsuit was thick rubber. The car was very styled.
The merchandise and box office success really blew up the Batman franchise into 1990. That Batman logo was everywhere.
The following year another comic book franchise property was made into a feature film and Dick Tracy (1990) came out that was also very stylized similar to Batman (1989).
I believe it was Batman Returns (1992) that was still very stylized but even darker.

I've seen the The Dark Knight (2008) but not the sequel. It was well done and dark and very stylized as well.
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