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This statement. You make it sound as a fact that ST09 sucks, not an opinion. Something that's happening on the forum a lot lately I'm afraid. People have an opinion, but instead of saying 'I think ST09 was bad' or 'I feel ST09 was a bad film', people use statement as 'ST09 is horrible' or 'ST09 is terrible'. Using the word 'is' does not imply opinion, it implies fact.
Thank you! I am glad someone else understands!
Sorry, but you're you're just playing with words. If someone says, "This is dull" it's obviously an opinion. It's just a different way of saying "I think this is dull" or "I feel this is dull." People can be forceful or emphatic with their opinions, as evidenced by how they express them, but they're still just opinions.
I may be just playing with words but as a therapist I do teach clients to be more accurate with their words because words hook people very easily.

Saying Star Trek 09 sucks can hook people into an argument. Saying I didn't like Star Trek 09 may limit the chances of people being hooked into an argument because in the second instance you're saying something that may provoke further inquiry--- but it may not hook people into an argument. The first saying you are speaking universally, even if it is only your opinion, it is stated as if you are speaking for others. The second way of saying it is clearly speaking only for yourself.

Sorry to hijack the thread.
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