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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

We're well underway with the shooting for Season 2 with two vignettes in the can.

Randy Landers and Linda Marcusky spent the morning and afternoon scouting locations for S02-C "Second Contact" (written by David Eversole and Randall Landers). We've turned to Deborah Liss-Green of Darton College for casting help, as this vignette requires a number of new players for our production. We're hoping to add some new folks to the ensemble with this production.

We're announcing that S02-D "Red Sky" will be filming soon. This vignette will feature Jeffrey Green and a guest star, as well as our transporter chief played by Pamela Robinson. It's a story based on a piece of artwork, and we will be employing the talents of a local artist to accomplish the task of mimicking the artwork.

Also upcoming are "Beach Towel" and "The Shovel of Kahless," two vignettes that make up a couplet in our story-telling. And "Ashes" which will be filmed in a nearby city square.

We're continuing to work on three scripts for this fall's shoots, including a comedic little short shot in the rec room (or possibly the ship's bowling alley), a lost colony script set in a nearby historic village, and lastly an alien race story involving a unique means of first contact.
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