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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Got and watched the first Yamato 2199 Blu-Ray with English subtitles. LOVED IT! IMO I guess they finally have an English translator that really know Engklish as these read like the script was written in English overall 9which hasn't been my experience with Japanese done english subtitled stuff in the past - the subs were very well done.)

As for what they've donbe in retconning elements of the original Yamato story - loved that too. They really take some of the more questionable stuff in the original and give a valid reason for it; and I like the new characters they've added so far.

It also puts a new spin on Yuki based on some of these mentioned changes. I do wish I know Japanese sop I could get something out of the included audio commentary track done by the cast (no, surprisingly it doesn't have an English subtitle track .)

I'm hooked and have just ordered the second Yamato Blu-Ray (due for release on 7/27/12) and also will have an English subtitle track.

Really enjoying what they've done so far, and (for me anyway as this was what really got me into Anime) is really worth the cost and hassle of oridering from Japan directly.
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