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I liked Batman (1989) a lot more at the time than I do now. It was before I discovered the Batman comics. Then, after the Schumacher films, this and Batman Returns looked a lot better in comparison.

This film still has a more memorable soundtrack than Batman Begins; and I prefer the 1989 version of the costume.

Michael Keaton made Batman and Bruce Waybe work. Gordon was miscast. The fat/corrupt cop should've been Bullock. Jack Nicholson overpowered the Joker role. Whenever I see him in Batman I think of Jack Nicholson and not the Joker.

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You're only 43? I would've pegged you for being a hell of a lot older.
I know, I thought he was born in 1959 and exactly 20 years older than us. I figured it's a typo and wasn't going to say anything.
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