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Looking at it now the degree of camp and cartoon like sensibility tends to undermine the supposed serious mindedness this film was said to have. Despite claiming to want to get away from camp they still succumbed to a measure of it anyway. And so, in that respect, I think it diverges from the original source materiel and isn't a truly definitive Batman film.
Yes, I agree. It doesn't really hold up well, and a lot of it is quite ludicrous. ComicsAlliance did a review a few months back that really trashed it (Part One, Part Two), and I largely agree with its assessment. They sum up my opinion perfectly when they say:

This is a pretty good Tim Burton movie. It's an awful Batman movie. It misunderstands basically every aspect of the character.
Basically what Sam Hamm and Tim Burton did was to go back to the very beginnings of the character in 1939 and take him in their own direction from there. So it was very, very far removed from who Batman was in the comics, from the history and legacy of the character. People at the time said it was truer to Batman than the Adam West series and movie were, but the West series was actually an incredibly faithful adaptation of how the Batman comics were actually done in the late '60s, whereas the Burton movie bore virtually no resemblance to the '80s comics except in having a dark(-ish) tone. It was basically a different character with the same name.

I also agree with what they say about the so-called Joker in this movie:

...[T]his isn't the Joker, it's Jack Napier. He never really changes his methods when he becomes the Joker; he laughs a bit more and gets more theatrical, but he's still the crazy guy he was fifteen minutes ago.
I don't think Nicholson was a good Joker at all, because he wasn't playing the Joker, he was playing Jack Nicholson (or rather, his usual screen persona). And I've never seen the appeal of that.

In 1989 a lot of us were taken with this film's version of Batman's costume and the Batmobile. In retrospect they don't work as well now. Keaton's Bat costume simply looks too heavy and unwieldy to be credible for someone who has to be able to move and fight quickly and near tirelessly.
Heck, I felt that way about it in 1989. I always thought it was ridiculous for Batman to be wearing a costume so rigid that he couldn't turn his neck.
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