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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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And not just that, pretty much any team book since if you're starting everyone out on day one, it's insane to think that they're meeting up and forming teams. And then there are characters whose origins involve being inspired by "modern" heroes. That takes Blue Beetle off the table.
I see no need to eliminate those. Why not have a JLA or Blue Beetle book that "takes place in the future" sort of how AC and Superman tie to one another?
Unless the writers have a personal connection ala Snyder or Lemire, DC is pretty bad at linking books together because writers and/or editors don't talk to each other. And if they do half the time they are sabotaging each other.

There is an interesting story about how a novelist who was doing a book at DC found that trying to get continuity and story details from the editors was like pulling teeth.
Agreed, part of what hurts Legion of Super-Heroes is the fact that it ties in with the current DCU. Things like Crisis, Superman's origin, Brainiac's origin, etc. all impact the 31st Century. Not to mention the times the Legion travels to the past (the 20th/21st century has seen visits by multiple Legions).

As far as setting the books in the future, the first problem is, "How far?" That would involve accepting that your characters will age, which DC is reluctant to admit. I honestly don't think we'd ever see the books sync up, those set in the "past" would never be allowed to catch up to when Teen Titans, Blue Beetle, etc. would take place.

The second problem is spoilers. Let's say DC did this and decided at some point Barry would die again. How do you hide the fact that Wally is Flash in the "future" when he's not in the "present"? There's also the problem of who Robin is currently. You can't leave that out of titles like Teen Titans without at some point addressing it in the Batman titles.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg as far as problems.
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