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Re: When is DC's The New 52 going to revert back to the original unive

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
They'll borrow from the old versions what they want and make up new stuff as time goes by. That's been standard operating procedure at DC for thirty to fifty years now.

I can't see why they would ever revert back entirely to the continuity of an earlier generation. That's not how it works.
One of the aspects of the new52 that I find intriguing is the existence of Pandora. Unlike the Mephisto/Spider-man nonsense, where Marvel tried their best not to explain anything - it just worked ("magic") - the new 52verse has actual, visible seams. I think this is deliberate, not just as a backdoor to bring the old continuity back (as Greg says, that's unlikely to happen). Part of the fabric of DC's universe is that time is extremely fluid, that the heroes often lost these big game-changing events in whole or in part (if by "victory" we mean stability and continuity).

Difficult continuity and things which don't make sense seem to be core to how people in the DC universe actually live. The survival of Thomas Wayne's letter to his son is a clear indication that Batman, at least, is aware not just of the multiverse, but of the ever-changing nature of reality itself.
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