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Re: Revisiting the films...

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It may 'obviously' be an opinion, but when you use a word (the word 'is') that is linked the stating fact, not opinion, there's no playing of words involved. It's simple English. If you want to talk on a board where discussions are taking place all the time, it's best to use the language used on that forum in a proper way to make yourself 100% clear, so people know exactly what your saying.
Except he never said "is".

He said, and you quoted upthread:

And, of course, I won't be bothering with ST09. There's only so much I can endure.
There is no "is" in that sentence. Unless you count a contraction and it only refers to Warped9's unwillingness watch what he doesn't like.

This, by the way, reminds me of Bill Clinton. "Well, that depends on what your definition of is is." [That's a joke, by the way.]

People who've followed Warped9's posts know he doesn't like ST XI. This is an opinion of his. It's not news that it's his opinion. And, frankly, at the end of the day, who really cares?

Miscommunication is what starts most of the arguments on forums. Using the proper way to say something, so no room for misinformation is left open, you can avoid such situations.
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. I'm also a former-moderator. I understood Warped9 just fine.

We're here to read, in this thread, his opinions of the movies. They're not mine, they're not yours, and I'm interested in his take. His opinion of the TOS movies, at least, seem like they'd be about the same as TNG, so it's not uniform and is in fact a different perspective. It'll be an interesting ride to revisit. And they're just his opinions whether he explicitely says it or not.

The most common opinion that I've seen my 21 years as a fan is "even-numbered films are better than odd!" Or "II-IV is the peak!" I've read these hundreds of times. It's the equivalent of TNG's "The middle years are the best!" I like to read different perspectives.

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