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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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^ It's already known that Batman Inc Volume One takes place Pre-52'Verse, but why Alan brought it up in the article is because it is supposed to take place in the New 52 but because of this stupid new timeline we don't really when exactly when. Like I said issue one of Volume two references Damian's incidents with Spooky and Nobody...but really as Alan pointed out this should not have taken place before "Batgirl".

As Tim Drake said...Batman needs a Robin. He's crucial as the human anchor. Without him Bruce goes off the deep end.

I do agree there are too many Bat books right now. I'd subtract Dark Knight if I was Mike Marts. Possibly take away "Batman and Robin" and give Damian his own solo title
Batman and Robin is actually good. Better than Detective and TDK. Marts only has those two to keep Daniel and Finch on DC's payroll or else they'd go to Marvel or Image.

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And not just that, pretty much any team book since if you're starting everyone out on day one, it's insane to think that they're meeting up and forming teams. And then there are characters whose origins involve being inspired by "modern" heroes. That takes Blue Beetle off the table.
I see no need to eliminate those. Why not have a JLA or Blue Beetle book that "takes place in the future" sort of how AC and Superman tie to one another?
Unless the writers have a personal connection ala Snyder or Lemire, DC is pretty bad at linking books together because writers and/or editors don't talk to each other. And if they do half the time they are sabotaging each other.

There is an interesting story about how a novelist who was doing a book at DC found that trying to get continuity and story details from the editors was like pulling teeth.
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